Condensate system

Semiconductor company, South Korea


The Problem

A lot of steam is required to manufacture microchips. This steam is produced in several big steam boilers, and distributed to separate buildings of the plant. The system design is to return condensate to the boilers to be reused to produce more steam. The condensate system at Hynix is several kilometres long and has started to corrode. Measurements of the condensate have an average of 2,5ppm iron shown. The internal quality requires feed water for the boilers with an iron content of less than 0,1ppm. Because the iron content is too high the condensate cannot be reused. Several 100m3 of condensate per day had to be wasted.

The solution

Merus was installed at several locations on the system. During the test, other rings were added to get a satisfying result.

The Result

The iron content in the condensate was regularly checked by the laboratory of the client. The first weeks after the installation, not much difference could be seen. All of a sudden, the iron content increased significantly. Over the next several months of operation the iron in the condensate got less and less, until the value has stabilized at an average of 0,05ppm iron.
  • Condensate can now be reused to produce new steam saving several 100m3 of condensate per day.
  • Energy savings for heating the water
  • Significantly less Chemical usage
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