Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend on differrent factors. For example the flow rate of the pipe or if the water is recirculated. Some systems will be simple like a house or small factory. Other systems will be large and complex distribution systems. Merus rings are supplied in all pipe sizes and there are also different strength rings for different situations. For example, a ring for bio-fouling will have additional oscillations programmed into it to take care of bio related fouling. Generally speaking one ring will be sufficient for smaller systems, such as a large house or small factory.
The ring is manufactured from high quality Aluminium. However if a ring is in constant wet weather, or subject to weather from the ocean, then we can also reccomend MPA's, Metal Treat. It is easy to apply from an aerosol, deeply penetrating, long lasting, very hydrophobic and effective.
Merus rings work well in excess of 150OC. However the outside surface temperature of the pipe should not exceed 90OC.
Yes it is however there is no standard measurement category for the vitalization of water so we don't discuss this in any detail. It is worth saying that Merus reduces the hardness of water and softer water is known for its, 'softer', nicer taste.
Our latest experiences show that the Active Oscillations have a reach of ten kilometers without losing any power or impact.

The ring can be drained or adversely affected if it is within half a meter of an electrical or magnetic field etc. Always try to site your Merus Collar away from mains fuse boards, motors, electrical cables etc. Rings can be recharged at any time.

The devices are guaranteed for 5 years and can be re-charged.

Merus is used successfully on a Russian pipe line at an ambient temperature of app. -40OC.

For home use in small accomodation units normally one device, around the main water feed to the building, is sufficient. The MKR 500 devices have a capacity of 12 m3/day, which equals a peak comsumption of about 20 individuals. Especially designed devices are available for industrial applications. There are many Merus installations that have a delivery rate of more than 10.000 m3/hour.