How to remove lime scale in dishwashers

Perfect results for removing lime scale.

The images below show perfect results for removing lime scale build up, on dishwashers at the Vines Golf Resort, thanks to Merus. 
stopping lime scale
Lime scale build up on the dishwashers heating elements was very heavy to begin with. Yet just three weeks after installation the power of Merus is clearly seen. This image shows how the lime scale is already softening and breaking away. A dark area can be seen where the scale was scrubbed away. 
Lime scale staining on stainless steel.
All the stainless steel surfaces of the dishwasher were dull and had no shine, before Merus was installed.
Lime scale staining.
Limescale staining around the door of the dishwasher.
shiny steel, no more lime scale.
 All surfaces were shining within 8 weeks.
Limescale almost gone.
Before Merus was installed these dishwasher elements were covered with a single block of scale. 8 weeks later the lime scale has allmost gone and the dishwasher is operating efficiently again. 
The heating elements of the main dishwasher are now spotlessly clean and smooth, only 8 weeks after Merus was installed.