Lime scale and water

Lime or salts are found in almost every water in their dissolved forms. Depending on the amount of lime, the dissolved carbonic acid and the temperature of the water the minerals precipitate and start to crystallize and forms hard scale on pipe and machinery internal surfaces.

The deposited scale will reduce heat transfer in heat exchangers and lower the efficiency of the heating installation/cooling system quite significantly. The result is higher energy and running costs. Higher pressure losses and decreased flow rates are other symptoms associated with this problem. In many cases the water is treated with chemical dosing systems in order to avoid such deposits. But sometimes, particularly where greater water quantities are concerned, this proves to be either technically or economically impossible.

In this area, (heat exchangers), several thousand industrial installations prove how successful Merus is when applied to stabilize lime scale deposits. Experiences with water temperatures above 150°C in pressure lines or water hardness far beyond 50° dH show how powerful Merus is.

Many of our customers stop using chemicals or reduce their use by significant amounts. For example a dishwasher working without salt or cooling loops and heat exchangers that are now cleaned only once a year instead of 4 or 5 times ayear.