Lime scale in a steam boiler

Paper and Pulp Industry


The Problem

The feeding water of the steamboiler is rather soft, so the client decided out of economical reasons, to use city water, instead of an expensive and service intensive chemical treatment. So the steam boiler had to be chemically cleaned each summer. The coils especially had a thick layer of lime scale. This chemical cleaning ws expensive and time consuming. The chemiclas also damaged the internal surfaces of the machinery, which leads to additional corrosion.

The Solution

Approximatelly three month after the last chemical cleaning, one Merus®-Ring was installed at the feeding pipe of the steam boiler. At this time the performance of the boiler already started to drop as it usually did at this time.

The Result

  1. In the beginning it could be seen at the blowdown pipe, that the water contained small particles of lime scale. The particles got less with the ongoing cleaning of the boiler during the normal operation.
  2. The performance of the steamboiler was rais. Not only was the total amount of steam increased again, but the time taken in the morning to bring the system up to pressure was significantly shortened.
  3. At the next inspection of the boiler the following summer, there was no lime scale at all. This was the first time since the system started operating that there was no chemical cleaning necessary .

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