Lime scale in Town water supply

Fresh & Waste-Water company (DEYA). Chrissoupolis, Greece


The Problem

In the village the supply of fresh water steadily decreases. Limescale clogs the pipes and the diameter decreased so much that in some parts of the village only very little water reached the household. DEYA was forced to take action. There were two possibilities. Either change the whole pipe system, which was not possible for economic reasons, or try to locate the spots where the problems urgent and replace part of the system. This method is also very expensive and the problem is never really fixed until eventually all of the system has been replaced anyway.

The Solution

In one part of the town where the problem was the worst and almost no water reached the houses, one 2" Merus® ring was installed. The pipe was checked before and the documented.

The Result

Four month after the installation the pipe was FREE FLOWING again. The limescale had totally disappeared. The pipes were completely cleaned, and smooth metal could be seen. There was no sign of corrosion at any inspection ponts.

Even if the total system had been renewed, it would be in the same lime scaled condition at some point in the near future. Merus® is a permanent solution. Now the water supply for all users in this area is perfect. In all parts of the system pressure has returned again.

There isno data from the households in this area, because DEYA was interested in their own systems not the house holders. Nevertheless there were several positive comments from the users in the community.


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