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No more brown water

Silver Sands Holiday resort in Mandurah, is reporting no more brown water in the Spa's. The resort uses a huge amount of water in its pools, spa's and amenities and had an ongong problem with brown water in the spa's.
  • Maintenance time - flushing and cleaning the brown water every morning is SAVED!
  • A lot of water is saved because there is so much less flushing required.
  • And no more Brown Water in the Spa's

Results from Hayman Island Holiday Resort

About a month ago a ring was placed on an 200mm sea water intake pipe in a desal plant on one Australia's leading Hotel Holiday Resorts, Hamilton Island, Queensland. Yesterday we got a preliminary report that the differential pressure across the biggest plate heat exchanger has dropped and the engineer is pleased with results so far.

WIM update

It's been pretty busy round here since the WIM exhibition. Merus technology was welcomed with keen interest by everyone we spoke with and it was a very interesting few days indeed. Lots of good networking took place, appointments have been made, surveys have been ordered, and we are very happy with how well the industry welcomed Merus Technology.

Water in Mining Exhibition

Merus Australia will be presenting Merus Technology at the up coming Water in Mining Exhibition, in Perth.

No more lime scale for Vines Resort

Almost twelve weeks ago The Vines Golf and Country Club, Swan valley, Western Australia, installed 3 Merus rings. Inspections carried out two weeks ago show that all lime scale build up on heating elements in the dishwashers, has completely disappeared. Merus performed so well that water hardness dropped by 90%. The main dishwasher which is a large commercial model, is stainless steel. It had become dull and showed staining from lime scale. Now its gleaming and shining. Regular chemical de-scaling has dropped dramattically as well.

Merus Trial installations in Australia

Three resorts in Australia are taking part in Pre launch trials with Merus Technology. Five rings in sizes from 25mm to 200mm will be installed.