Metal Treat Protection

For Superior Metal Corrosion Protection ...
Stop corrosion with Metal Treat and Merus,
  • STOP Rust & Corrosion before it starts
  • STOP It from getting even worse
  • STOP Water fittings from seizing or breaking
  • STOP replacing equipment from corrosion
All Natural... Metaltreat
Applying Metaltreat to metal or mechanical parts, that are exposed to aggressive weather conditions, will greatly enhance performance and prevent corrosion. Because of Metal Treats exceptional performance, we have no hesitation in reccommending it alongside Merus to offer you the ultimate corrosion protection inside and out, for all water systems.
By combining Merus with Metal Treat, we know you will have have peace of mind into the future. Once the Merus ring is installed on your system, simply apply a good coat of Metal Treat. Re-apply every few months for one year, then apply yearly. Put lime scale and corrosion behind you & improve the performance of your solar hot water system... Call us now!
Metal Treat is low odour, contains no VOC's and is an excellent solution for protection against metal corrosion. It is non hazardous, dries to a clear finish and is easy to apply. Metal Treat soaks deep into the surface it is applied to, to deliver a natural preserving oil. MetalTreat is an anti-corrosive rust prevention treatment that is very hydrophobic. This means that it repels water.
Includer Metal treat in your maintenance for many items around the house, farm or factory, as a rust treatment and corrosion protection for all metal & mechanical parts.