Motor Cooling Loop

Cement production company


The Problem

The client uses a cooling loop for several big motors, which is fed by three independent 4” inlet pipes. The scale has reduced the diameter of the pipes so much that that the pumps were working over their capacity and the amount of cooling water which has reaching the motors was not sufficient anymore, to ensure adequate cooling. Heat transfer also occurs in the motors and because of scale build up, the efficiency was low. Scale build up of only 1mm can increase energy requirements by as much as 11%.

The Solution

Three 4"Merus® rings were installed, one on each inlet pipe of the loop. In this way it was possible to treat all the incoming water and the whole cooling loop.

The Result

  • On the day of the installation, a connector of the pipe was opened. There was a lot of lime scale observed. After two months of operation the same part was opened again. More than half of the scale was gone. Only little pieces of scale where left on the pipe walls which would also disappear soon. This shows, that in only a few month a whole system, can be cleared of centimeters of lime scale
  • After a few weeks the cooling efficiency of the motors rose significantly. This means the scale from the heat exchanger had disappeared as well.surfaces where the heat transfer in the motors take place where cleaned as well.


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