Overview of Fouling Problems

Over the years Merus has solved many problems in water-bearing installations and systems including lime scale and other fouling problems. Merus have developed, proprietory oscillation patterns software, which is used for altering the physical properties of the substances contained in the water. Even though we change the properties of the substances in the water, the composition of the water remains unchanged.

Negative technical effects caused by water are reduced or stopped complettely by Merus. The way Merus acts is always the same and reproducable.

  • Merus modifies water to the extent that lime scale and other salts do not crystallize like they normally would .
  • Oxygen no longer reacts with iron to produce rust
  • Both stay dissolved to be flushed out of the system with the water flow.

We see these problems worldwide time and time again and we solve them every time. The applications are long lasting.

Our technologies work with other fluid related corrosion and scale problems due to acids and other substances, for example milk processing, paper and pulp, slurries, crude oil. If you have problems with fluid handling other than water, please email us with your questions, we are happy to advise.