Scale in Cooling Loop

Food Production Company Germany


The Problem

Sauerkraut and other food are packed in canes. This machine needs constant cooling. The water has a lot of disolved calcium , which leads to the problems of scale on pipes. This reduces the cooling efficiency. To minimize the effects of the calcium, the water in the cooling loop was constantly replaced, in order to hold the concentration of the calcium in the cooling water as low as possible, (below the point, where the calcium starts to fall out of suspension and starts to crystallize). This has lead to replacing approximately. 90m3 fresh water per day.

The solution

One Merus® Ring was installed in the cooling loop. Merus® increased the solubility of the calcium in the water. This allowed calcium to build to much higher levels in solution and stay there for much longer, so there is no scale build up.

The Result

After after the installation of Merus®, a lot of calcium was washed out of the system. In the sedimentation tank, a lot of sludge was found. This sludge was easily flushed from the system.
The system was set to automatically top itself up when the water conductivity was at a set value. This value was increased slowly in the weeks after installation. The cooling capacity of the system was also monitored.
  • There is no longer any need to replace the water in the cooling loop anymore.
  • Today water top up replacement is 8msaving the client approximately 80m3 water per day.
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