Solar water heaters

Protect your Solar Hot Water System ...
Stop corrosion in solar hot water heaters.
  • STOP scale build in pipes and tanks
  • STOP replacing corroded fittings
  • STOP corrosion dead in its tracks
  • STOP losing precious energy
  • STOP calling the plumber every other week
  • START protetcing your investment
Install Merus!  & Metaltreat
Corrosion and lime scale build up is a major problem in many Water Systems. Merus Tehnology is efective in stopping lime scale and corrosion, in all hot water systems.
As lime scale builds up, then heat exchange in the system becomes less efficient and so less solar hot water is produced in solar water heaters for example.
By simply placing a Merus ring on the cold water service pipe into your house, all pipes, showers, tanks, heating systems and all valves and fittings are protected against corrosion and lime scale. Merus water Oscillation Technology, will reduce rust, limescale and bio fouling problems in all water bearing systems. In most cases it can eliminate these problems completely.
For protection against external corrosion of water pipes, fittings, boilers, solar water tanks etc. due to extreme weather environments, we reccommend using Metal Treat, for the ultimate interior and exterior protection of all water systems. Find out more about MetalTreat. METAL TREAT.
Interior and exterior corrosion protection, with Merus and MetalTreat. 
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