Specific Applications

The Merus technology has been used around the world in many applications. We have listed some specific areas of applications below. If you have an application that is not listed here, please contact us. Remember Merus Technology tackles the problems of rust, lime scale, and bio-fouling in all all water systems, even sea water.





Constituents Showers, valves fittings Sprinkler systems Washing machines / dishwashers
Limy water Washing machines / dishwashers
Steam generators Showers, valves fittings
Sea water Coffee machines Machine cooling Steamers
Algae Kettle Cooling tower Coffee machines
Bio fouling Swimming pool Paper manufacture Industrial ovens
Bacteria & Legionella Hot-water boiler Marine engine Sprinkler systems
Iron in water   Crude oil Hot-water boiler
Iron pipes   Heat exchanger Heat exchanger
Pitting     Hotels
Copper pipes     Swimming pool