Water fountains

City Council, Berlin, Germany


The Problem

In water fountains there are high amounts of water evaporating continuously. This water has to be replaced. Depending on the design of the fountain, there could be an evaporation line around the fountain, and a lot of scale. It is very common, to find in algae in fountains and ornamental pools. Despite the addition of chemicals to the water, the cleaning of the fountain was hard and time consuming. High pressure cleaners and strong chemicals have to be used, in order to get the fountain clean again. Cleaning was very expensive, with a total cost of several 1.000 EUR per year.

The Solution

A Merus® Bio ring was installed to stop chemical usage and to reduce scale build up.

The Result

Depending on the design of the fountain, results can be seen quite quickly. At one area in particular, it was noticeable on a daily basis how much the scale was reducing from the granite stones at the waterfall, where there is a constant flow of water.
A lot of biomass from outside (eg pollen) is brought in the water, these accelerate the growth of the algae. The new growth of algae could therefore not be stopped totally, but the algae now only lasts for a few days, turns brown and falls to the bottom of the water. So in general the fountains have become cleaner.
The effect could be seen best during cleaning. Most of the scale and algae has been flushed away during the draining of the fountain or just with the water hose.
  1. The scale is gone
  2. Algae has decreased significantly
  3. The fountain is cleasner
  4. Cleaning time is halved
  5. Sigificantly less chemical usage

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