Merus at Home

Merus working around the clock, from home...
Quality water at home with Merus.
  • STOP scale build up & corrosion in solar water heaters
  • CLEAR those blocked showers, valves & fittings
  • SAVE ENERGY- washing machines / dishwashers
  • IMPROVE the taste for, coffee, tea & home brew
  • REDUCE chemical use in swimming pools
  • USE LESS soaps, shampoos & detergents
Protect your water system with.... Merus! 
The power of Merus technology has many benefits for the family home. By Stopping corrosion, lime scale build up, bio fouling and slime in water systems, Merus can significantly reduce your annual water costs at home... and provide added benefits.
Merus water ring.Lime Scale build up
Just 1mm of scale build up in a heating system, can cost you up to 11% more in energy. Merus can remove money wasting lime scale from your water system and protect against internal corrosion!
The Merus ring has no moving parts, requires no power to operate and is simple to install. Perfect for protecting boilers, solar hot water heaters and more.
Metal Treat stops corrosion.Corrosion
Rust and corrosion, due to harsh weather conditions, means that many solar hot water tanks, have to be replaced. MetalTreat is a premium Lanolin product that we use to protect the valuable Merus Ring. We know that coating the Merus ring with MetalTreat, is the best protection the ring can get, from harsh weather conditions. Metal Treat can also be used to protect water tanks and fitings from external corrosion.
In fact for extreme weather conditions either coastal, desert, or tropical, we fully reccommend, the use of Metaltreat on all metal, to protect against corrosion from the elements. Read more about Metaltreat... .
Solar hot water heaters
Lime scale build up means less solar heated water and your gas or electricity booster is used more often. The next headache for solar hot water owners, is regularly replacing tanks, because of corrosion problems. Read more about solar hot water .
Washing machines and dishwashers
Lime scale in dishwashers is very costly.When lime scale builds up on the heating element in the machine, (lime scale is an insulator!), the result is more energy/power is required for heating. read more on the Dishwashers . and Hotel . pages, in our gallery.
House and Garden
The problem of lime scale build up in kettles, or staining at taps, sinks and fittings, and blocked shower heads or irrigation sprinklers, is a thing of the past with a Merus ring installed!

Recognise the problems...

... Lime scale builds up in a heat exchanger or other water system and it has to be taken offline regularly for cleaning ...

... Lime scale builds up on shower heqads and dishwasher heating elements or there is a Brown Water problem at guest room sinks ...

... Rust is a problem in the system and you need to stop it NOW ...

... Bio-fouling at a cooling tower is causing you a problem and you need to stop the growth of bio-film and other fouling ...

Protect your solar hot water system.

Installing a Merus Ring will significantly reduce even eliminate...
  • Lime scale build up
  • Rust, corrosion
  • & Bio-fouling

Added benefits
  • Use less soap and washing liquids.
  • Improve taste of tea, coffee, water
  • Softer clothes / hair after washing
  • Use less pool chemicals
  • Requires No power source
  • Use less energy
  • Improve performance

Buildup of sludge and rust in pipe

Merus water Oscillation Technology, will reduce rust, limescale and bio fouling problems in all water bearing systems. In most cases it can eliminate these problems completely. Please browse through our applications for more information on many successful installations and read our detailed application solutions from around the World, from very happy clients